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EduNational prepares Canadian and international students for successful career-oriented and international education decisions. EduNational supports visiting international students during their studies, and helps students and their families select the right study program, and manage a student's education progress.

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EduNational Career Analytics

Career Analytics Assessments measure abilities: arithmetic; vocabulary; three-dimensional space; computation ability; name comparison; object matching; interests; personality; learning style; work values, and work preferences. These assessments have been tested for validity, which ensures a test is measuring what it is supposed to measure, is reliable, and measures consistency. Validity tests were done with more than 20,000 adults and high school students.

Measuring consistency

EduNational Coaches

Career Planning Coaches are experts who guide and support students to make decisions about their career path. Once assessments are complete, EduNational matches students with a Coach, chosen for background, sector-specific experience and knowledge. Coaches have cultural and linguistic ability, to involve the parent and student. Coaches schedule sessions with students through telephone, the web, Skype or, if practical, face-to face.

Good people helping good students

Turbocharged: Success Logics

Success Logics is like basic training for university and college. It is the type of post-secondary preparation that the parents of today's kids could not even dream of when they went to school. It didn't exist back then. The ideal time to take Success Logics is between grade 11 and grade 12.

Reach for the stars!

Younger students = Potential Max!

Potential Max! is a precursor to Career Analytics. It is designed to give kids from grades 7-9 an early start in middle school, or in junior high school. Potential Max! identifies individual learning styles, personal interests and assists students in mapping their academic abilities at just the right moment in their lives.

The future starts early

The risk of a lost year

Next to a home, an education for their children is now the most valuable purchase families make. Adding up the costs of a year lost in a program change, it is roughly equal to buying a new, mid-range car and driving it over a cliff. EduNational helps parents and students make better post-secondary choices.

Helping students make informed post-secondary choices

Jenny's story: Cambodia!

Good people with drive and imagination find innovative ways to start their careers. Read the encouraging story of Jenny Seo, a 2014 University of Toronto graduate, who headed for Asia to begin her career working with orphans as a teacher and role model.

Jenny Seo and her students in Cambodia

Enriched science career planning

EduNational prepares Canadian secondary school students for postsecondary programs with strong career potential. EduNational is working with employers in tomorrow's high-value industries, such as biotechnology, to offer students a chance at a career path as they study.

Learning about cutting-edge careers

The gift of insight

EduNational prepares Canadian secondary school students for postsecondary programs with strong career potential. EduNational is working with employers in tomorrow's high-value industries, such as biotechnology, to offer students a chance at a career path as they study.

Secondary school students

A new life in Canada

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants assists people looking to make a fresh start in life in Canada to navigate the best and quickest path to assessing qualifications; getting permits; attaining permanent residency; setting up a business where needed; and becoming a naturalized Canadian citizen.

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants

Substituting guesswork with solid evidence

EduNational developed its continuum of support services to meet the needs of students and their parents who want to plan for steady progress and positive results. If you are a parent with a child who you know will make you proud one day, then dreaming about it is good, but planning for it is even better.

A plan based on facts and evidence helps both parent and student start off on a successful path to the real world. And hopefully in the shortest time at the right destination. We know that parents sometimes stand back and allow their student’s school to do what schools are supposed to do, and then hope for the best. Sometimes when decisions have to be made, they depend on a student to figure it out, and make that decision. Parents often know what they want for their child, and nothing else matters.

Students are sometimes determined to fulfill a dream not based in reality, but a fad, a popular TV show or aspects of social media advertising. These scenarios often lead to loss of time, money, disillusionment and heartbreak for everyone.

A student's individual path to success

EduNational takes the guesswork out of planning, and replaces it with measured programming, practical tools and expert coaches. Your child deseves an individualized success path. Ultimately, parents want to know they have done well in providing for their child. A student who understands the meaning of success wants to achieve it in the quickest possible time.

Sensibly using both time and money

Investing in personal education requires time and money. Between the two, it is what you do with both that really matters. Time translates into money and vice versa. If you invest your money in education, and optimize the time required to complete your studies, then you make good use of resources. The shorter the time you spend studying, the sooner you start "making money". False-starts in education choices result in a waste of both time and money.

Important Reports

Studies, reports and surveys on career development and transition of students into post-secondary studies.